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Once upon a time, though, you had to be slightly more surreptitious if you wanted your music released.Look no further, this post contains the top 100 songs to pump you up for your work out, sport event, or party.

I usually listen to some classic rock, or alternative just because it is upbeat and I love the music.Music has the power to affect our emotions in powerful ways and this is why it has long been known that working out to the right songs can give you the edge and help push you further in your workout.A good song will help you push for that extra mile, extra rep, or even to just get you even more prepared for the day.GradeSlam is the online learning center that specializes in humanized adaptive learning for students K-12.

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Throwback Fitness, a studio that opened in New York City last year, wants to change all of that.A music playlist of the best pump up songs is a key motivator for getting your ultimate workout.

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We know we can rely on music to get us pumped up and set the tone for our best workout ever.With the kind or lyrics, riffs, and beats that run a shiver up your spine and let the adrenalin gush through your body, music lifts your spirit and gets you ready to battle.

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Pump-up songs can be of any genre as long as they make you want to either a) run around, b) watch Rocky or c) break things.Today, as Lil Wayne knows, you can just talk about sex by talking about sex, and millions will listen (albeit sometimes with the more explicit words just barely bleeped out for radio play).The right pump up songs will elevate you to new heights so that you can become the hero of today.

This list ranks the best songs with pump in the name, regardless of genre.

A good tune can push that run an extra mile and burn up the reps, something with a quick pace and a champion mindset.

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The same Britney Spears or Katy Perry CD can get boring after a couple weeks on repeat, not to mention put a damper on your workout.

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