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Radiating pain from the abdomen to the shoulder and back are symptoms of a swollen spleen as well as the symptoms of enlarged spleen.The condition is rare (affecting fewer than 4,000 people in the United States each year), but it can be fatal.The feel of discomfort and pain when the liver starts to apply pressure to its surrounding organs and nerves are another enlarged liver symptoms.Liver (Definition) This organ plays a major role in metabolism and has a number of functions in the body, including glycogen storage, decomposition of red blood cells, plasma protein synthesis, hormone production, and detoxification.

Enlarged liver does not usually have symptoms because it does not have nerves which connect to other parts of the body.An enlarged liver usually causes no symptoms, and since the liver does not contain any nerves, pain does not emanate from the liver itself.Fatty liver, also called steatosis, is the earliest stage of alcohol-related liver disease and the most common alcohol-related liver disorder.The symptoms of liver disease not only include pain, but can include anything felt in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen near the lower part of the rib cage and other symptoms: Stabbing pain Dull aching pain.

These would last 2-3 months, and then go away for up to a year.Learn about common symptoms of liver disease including jaundice, cholestasis, liver enlargement, portal hypertension, esophageal varices, ascites, and more.There is a whole variety of infections as well as other illnesses associated with enlarged spleen.

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Depending on the underlying cause, the enlargement may involve the whole liver or only part of it.

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Hence, jaundice is one of the classic symptoms of enlarged spleen and liver.Typically, patients with fatty liver are asymptomatic or present with nonspecific symptoms that do not suggest acute liver disease.For example, hematologists (doctors who specialize in treating blood disorders), oncologists (cancer specialists), and gastroenterologists (liver and digestive tract specialists) all commonly take care of patients who may have enlarged spleen as a response to another condition.

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Age—liver cancer most often strikes those 67-years of age or older. 2. Gender—men are twice as prone to liver cancer vs. women, with 22,720 new cases in men and 7,920 cases in women annually.

Without treatment, autoimmune hepatitis may get worse and lead to complications, such as cirrhosis.Elevated Liver Enzymes and Enlarged Spleen Treato found 53 discussions about Enlarged Spleen and Elevated Liver Enzymes on the web.

Malaria disease can be categorized as uncomplicated or severe (complicated).The scar tissue is lumpier and more prominent than normal liver tissue.Alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) is caused by damage to the liver from years of excessive drinking.For example, enlarged spleen is a characteristic of several viral.If lifestyle factors such as poor diet or excessive alcohol intake are.

For the last 3-4 years, I have had periods where I felt fatigued, malaise, and generally under the weather.The liver is the second most common site of distant metastases from breast cancer (the most common is bones).In older dogs, symptoms can be distended abdomen behind the rib cage and is visible to a trained eye.Puppies normally have larger liver with respect to their body mass.

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It causes extreme pain in the liver and may occur due to a fatty liver.Usually there are no symptoms, although the liver can be enlarged and you may.Additionally, those that are mentioned on this page can be brought on by other conditions (including other liver problems).

However, if the enlargement is extreme, it may cause abdominal discomfort (by pressing against other organs and nerves) or a feeling of fullness.It is characterized by an excessive accumulation of fat inside liver cells, which makes it harder for the liver to function.Years of alcohol abuse can cause the liver to become inflamed and swollen.

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Treatment for enlarged kidneys usually aims at the symptoms and the root cause.Otherwise, a hormone imbalance or medical condition such as PCO may be responsible.Enlarged liver symptoms typically indicate that an individual has liver trouble, and one of several possible diseases is developing in this important organ which largely controls metabolic function.Liver disease is serious and requires treatment and regular monitoring by a liver specialist.

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Common symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis include feeling tired.

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The liver is a large, football-shaped organ found in the upper right portion of your abdomen.Recognizing an enlarged liver happens during an MRI or an X-ray.Enlargement of the liver is not a disease but it is a symptom of some other disease such as hepatitis, liver cancer or congestive heart failure.However, if your liver becomes severely enlarged, you may have: A feeling of fullness.

Liver enlargement or abdominal pain on palpation could point toward a liver problem such as liver cancer, and blood work can reveal liver abnormalities that also lead to a suspicion of cancer.The first symptoms of liver failure are often nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, and diarrhea.