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The weir had been erected to pen the Chenook salmon from going further up-stream.

How The U.S. Got So Many Confederate Monuments

So the victors must have erected this statue at Olympia in gratitude.Temples and altars have been erected, and invocations addressed to her.

THE Joshua Nkomo Cultural Movement (JNCM) has appealed to the Government to erect a statue of Father Zimbabwe, the late Vice President Dr Joshua Nkomo, in Harare.

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Villagers erect statue of Ebonyi State Governor in their

Civic group clashes with police in Busan as it tries to

The French would provide the statue while the Americans would provide the site and build the pedestal.

Hawaii votes to erect statue of Barack Obama -

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The Romanian capital of Bucharest is set to erect a statue of the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, the Palestinian embassy in Romania announced on Saturday.Many of these commemorations of those on the losing side of the Civil War are a lot newer than one might think.

Opinion Bombers set to erect statue of hall-of-fame coach Bud Grant Finally, the most successful coach in franchise history gets his due.

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When the Supreme Court finally vindicated his cause in 1954, it used the dissenting opinion in Briggs as the legal backbone for its decision.Mr. De Laine began organizing the parents of Clarendon County in 1947 and kept at it for the next seven years.

The plan to build a statue to honor a famous South Milwaukee wrestler is just a few thousand dollars away from its goal.

Organizers begin push to erect statue honoring Apperson

A new statue has been erected in Imo State but this time its not from governor Rochas Okorocha, rather its the residents of Amucha who built a statue in honour of their House of Assembly deputy speaker, Hon.While every statue in every town has a different origin, taken together, the roughly 700 Confederate monuments in the United States tell a national story.

When the penis is like this, it is said to be flaccid (pronounced FLA-sid).He was represented in a variety of ways, most commonly as a misshapen gnome-like figure with an enormous erect phallus.The statue was unveiled on the day the Supreme Court reinstated the corruption charges against President Zuma.

Bombers set to erect statue of hall-of-fame coach Bud

The nude Trump statue in Union Square (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic) Today, Donald Trump stood nude in the center of Union Square.

Fundraiser Looking To Erect LeBron James Statue in Akron

Firstly, it may be understood from your question that what is to be denounced is the fact that the statue is of a kaafir, and that if it was a statue of a Muslim it would be permissible to erect it.

Russia wants to erect a statue in one North Carolina city

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Ironically, in Owerri dialect, Zuma means continue stealing and that is the reaction to this.

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Canadian Deadpool fans are petitioning the country to erect a statue of the mercenary in Regina, Saskatchewan, the anti-heroes hometown.Christ the Redeemer statue construction started much later, in 1926.A group of cryptocurrency proponents from the Ukraine have a plan to erect of statue of Satoshi Nakamoto in the capital city, Kiev.

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Lillian Bolt, the outspoken aunt of track and field superstar Usain Bolt, is hopping mad that nearly three years after a bold announcement that a statue of her world-famous nephew was to be erected in Falmouth, Trelawny, it has not been done.