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This process will encourage cell duplication, where the cells of the penis will start to pull apart, encouraging new cells to form.

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Now i am 23 and about to marry my penis curved around 40 degree to left and somewhat penis errect on upward does this condition prevent sexual intercourse or normal sexual intercourse plz suggest thanksasked by Peyroniehe.Because of these characteristics, Peyronies Device is safe and painless to use.

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Peyronies Disease is one of the most common penile conditions in men.Penis traction devices is a non-invasive and also lower danger medical device and also as such ideal for all men.Peyronies Device is an extender specifically crafted for men in need of overcoming abnormal penis curvature.

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It may also result in an indentation of the penis shaft, where the fibrous plaque is located.They are a very important part of the process, helping to lengthen and straighten the penis after the scar tissue has been weakened by the injections.Peyronies Disease sufferers have high amounts of penile damage, trauma and scar tissue in the penis.

The system is once again medically-tested and designed by clinicians.This device increases the rigidity of the erect penis as well as improves the curvature without shortening of length.It will also supply a steady traction along the length of the penis that will result in stretching your penis.

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Andropeyronie is a traction device that is especially designed to treat penile curvature, or bent penis.

The Battle Of The Traction Devices: Choosing Between SizeGenetics Vs.In most cases, without any doubt whatsoever, doctors agree that the best way of treating most cases of Peyronies is by the use of a penis vacuum or traction device.The scar tissue typically grows inside in the tunica albuginea membrane.

The Battle Of The Traction Devices: Choosing Between

As already mentioned, Peyronies Device relies on the principle of traction.The constant force, that is pain-free, produces cellular replication -a procedure which causes the internal tissues to stretch, separate and replicate resulting in improved mass to the penis.


When the device is strapped on the penis, it keeps it in a state of tension.

To help with the task, numerous devices designed to stretch the penis and keep it stretched for prolonged periods of time have been produced.The newly introduced Peyronies device is medically proven and top ranked device that is designed to treat naturally occurring penile curvature.The tension will cause the breakdown of tissue and the formation of new one.

Penile traction therapy refers to mechanical stretching of the penis.A traction device is one of the best possibilities because it offers a non-invasive treatment and it gets the job done.The Peyronies Edition was developed to provide men with the best option for treating Peyronies Disease and Penis Curvature.Specifically, scar tissue forms in the tunica albuginea, the thick sheath of tissue surrounding the corpora cavernosa, causing pain, abnormal curvature, erectile dysfunction, indentation, loss of girth and shortening.


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The use of a penile extender device was associated with increased penile length ranging from 1 to 3 cm and appeared to be proportional to the number of hours per month that the patient was wearing the traction device.

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